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Michael Brian Cotter

Michael’s Blog

What will AI regulation look like for businesses?

Unlike food, medicine, and cars, we have yet to see clear regulations or laws to guide AI design in the US. Without standard guidelines, companies that design and develop ML models have historically worked off of their own perceptions of right and wrong.  This is about to change.  As the EU finalizes its AI Act… picks up OpenAI’s founding mission

Mozilla’s new startup will build “trustworthy” AI that benefits humanity. If that sounds familiar, it was OpenAI’s founding mission. The startup,, aims to create an independent and open-source AI ecosystem that addresses society’s most pressing concerns about the rapidly-advancing technology. Mark Surman, President of the Mozilla Foundation, wrote in a blog post: “This new…

Google plays it safe with initial Bard rollout

Google has begun rolling out early access to its Bard chatbot in the US and UK. The ChatGPT rival was announced via a blog post in February, seemingly to get ahead of Microsoft’s own big reveal event the next day. Microsoft’s plans to integrate a new version of ChatGPT into its Bing search engine set…

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